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A little about Lucero Jewelry

Many people have asked me why I chose the name Lucero for my jewelry. I grew up learning Spanish, but never fully mastered the language, because I didn't have the opportunity to practice it. I especially love reading poetry in Spanish and one of my favorite poets is Pablo Neruda. The flow of the sounds of words, and the descriptiveness of words is so beautiful. I also write poetry, but that's another story...

Lucero in Spanish is the word for morning star, and evening star, which both are actually the Planet Venus. The sign for the planet is the same as the sign for copper. That is also the sign for female. ♀

As is customary for Spanish words, it also has several other beautiful meanings, such as the light coming through a window, the star on a horses forehead, and a fallen angel.

Working with copper and brass has opened up many new creative opportunities; both metals bring out the colors of natural stones and shells. Copper is also known for healing and spiritual energy and is the oldest metal used in ancient times because it is so easy to form. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Each piece I create is my own design, and I only make one of each. I like to find the color in an object (gem, shell, rock) and work to bring it out and find it's beauty. I also love working with found objects, vintage tidbits and reworking old jewelry into something fresh. Many of my works have hand soldered glass accents, handmade ceramic pendants, and unique materials. I am always on the lookout for new ways to incorporate beautiful objects into something to wear. I hope you will enjoy my site.

Sally Patrick
Jewelry designer and manufacturer